How much does Grads2Careers cost?

It is FREE if you are eligible for Grads2Careers. You must be a 17-21 year-old graduate of Baltimore City Public Schools or have received a GED/Maryland High School Diploma and live in Baltimore City. 

How do I apply for Grads2Careers?

The application process is simple. Please click on this link Apply Now  to complete the application. Be sure to answer all the mandatory questions and press submit. You know your application has been submitted once you see the confirmation page. A confirmation will also be sent to the email address provided.

What will happen after I apply?

After you apply, you’ll receive a confirmation page. The page will include the name, email, and phone number of our Participant Support Coordinator. You may reach out directly to get the process moving. If you do not reach out, you will be contacted promptly by our Participant Support Coordinator. 

You and the Participant Support Coordinator will discuss your career interests as well as any of the G2C training options that you’d like to learn more about. Based on this discussion, we will refer you to the training option of your choice for an Information & Testing Session and schedule you for testing. 

Can I take more than one training program?

All applicants who meet the eligibility criteria are eligible for one free program only. If you finish your program and later decide that you’d like to sign up for additional training, you may apply directly to that program on your own, outside of G2C.

Where are the different training programs located?

All G2C programs are conducted at different training locations around the city, as well as some county locations. Please see the address of each program on the Programs page.  In some cases, such as Community College of Baltimore County, trainings might take place at multiple campuses. 

What if I have a criminal record? Does that disqualify me?

If you have a criminal record, we encourage you to apply. Depending on what charges you have, you may still be eligible for your program, and you may be able to receive a referral for expungement services from one of our legal services providers. Some training programs may not accept applicants with certain charges, so please reach out to the Participant Support Coordinator, if you have specific questions. 

What is the entrance test and do I have to take it?

The entrance test is a short, two-part test that is commonly used across many workforce development programs. The entire test is multiple choice and is made up of math and reading sections.  

All applicants to Grads2Careers are required to take this test.  Different training programs have different requirements, and the test will help identify those programs you already qualify for and those you may qualify for after improving skills during the Summer Prep Class.  

What is the Summer Prep Class?

Our Summer Prep Class is an opportunity for students to gain targeted instruction in math and reading to improve their entrance test scores. You may be eligible for this opportunity if your test score did not qualify you for your desired training program. In past years, students have reported to a physical location and received minimum wage payment for the hours they attended, as well as lunch, bus tokens and some enrichment activities. 


How can I schedule a Recruitment Event for students?

Please use the form below to request or get additional information about Grads2Careers Recruitment Events. Events can be large or small to accommodate you and your host site needs. Depending on the type of event and the size of the audience, we may be able to include training program staff upon availability and entrance testing.

Grads2Careers Recruitment Registration

What support is provided to students who enroll in G2C training programs?

Counseling and Wellness Services:

Voluntary services are provided on-site at training programs and virtually by the G2C Counselor.

Support/Discussion Groups are offered at training sites to complement the technical training that G2C participants receive.  These groups vary in size, schedule, and topics but are facilitated by the G2C Counselor. The groups provide space for young adults to come together, share successes and challenges in their journeys, and support each other as they work toward goals in their lives.

Individual Support is provided in the form of voluntary counseling sessions and connection to resources, information and/or activities. Participants are always able to request individual support from the Grads2Careers Counselor at their training sites or virtually.   Connections to additional mental health and wellness resources can be provided to participants.

Legal Services:

Legal services are provided on site at each training program through partnerships with Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Services and Maryland Legal Aid.

These supports include individual legal consultations for civil legal services, including expungement, as well as group presentations such as “Know Your Rights.”

Success Coaching/Case-Management at Individual Training Programs: 

Each training program offers their own support to participants.  This will generally include providing required course or training materials, assistance with transportation, and guidance connecting to employment opportunities.  Ask for more details about what your desired program may offer.